As someone who is not only a wedding professional, but also a former bride it’s fair to say I’ve had experience on both sides. I’m constantly learning and growing in my profession, but my own wedding taught me a lot too! Keep reading to find out 5 things I learned from my own wedding. Hire […]

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August 24, 2020

5 Things I Learned From My Own Wedding

Lauren and Jesse married in Charleston: 5 things i learned from my own wedding

Most wedding photographers use professional digital cameras and equipment, but some use film entirely, and some use a mixture of both (like me) to document and tell the story of your wedding day. Film is truly taking¬†photography¬†back to its roots. It’s the beginning of capturing imagery and making time stand still. I so often get […]


August 5, 2020

Why You Should Hire a Hybrid Photographer

Wedding flowers: Why You Should Hire a Hybrid Photographer by Lauren Renee

The wedding industry is pretty amazing, as there is truly a style and fit for everyone! Knowing your style before even looking for vendors is so important in helping to narrow down who you will choose to work with on your big day! Because wedding photography is so diverse, and the options are truly endless, […]


March 6, 2020

Which Photography Style is Best for Your Wedding?

Mount Lebanon Floral bridal bouquet with pink peonies and white roses

Today I’m breaking down a topic that so many wonder about: how much should you invest in a wedding photographer? With so many options and different prices ranges it can be overwhelming trying to decide on who you want to hire. A lot of blog posts out there will either give you a specific amount […]


August 13, 2019

How Much Should You Invest in a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding dress portrait: How much should you invest in a wedding photographer by Lauren Renee

If you’ve ever wondered why you should hire a wedding planner, this post is for you! Weddings are a lot of work and can take months to years to plan! So much is involved from budgets, coordinating vendors and guests, to design and the smallest of details, it really is no easy task. If you […]


April 13, 2019

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding table top decor with blue linen and gold accented dishes and silverware

If you are reading this post, most likely you have just gotten engaged, so CONGRATULATIONS!, and you are now entering into the world of wedding planning! Wedding photography is one of the most important vendor decisions you will make along with hiring your wedding planner. It can be stressful and overwhelming because there are a […]


February 13, 2019

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Kestrel Park Wedding Editorial captured by Lauren Renee