Rookie the Swiss Mix

First Birthday Party

Pittsburgh, PA

We recently celebrated Rookie the Swiss Mix first birthday party!

My fiance and I had been talking about adopting a dog from a shelter for years. Unfortunately, it was never the right time or the right dog. We were lucky enough to come across Rookie after the Three Rivers Bernese Mountain Dog Club posted about him. He needed a new home, we were adamant about rescuing a dog, so we contacted the club and met Rookie. We immediately fell in love! Rookie was a 7-month-old, half-Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, half-Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

We knew right away there was an issue with his right eye. Not only was his cornea scarred but he kept walking into walls and furniture and never caught a ball. After taking him to the dog ophthalmologist (yes those exist) at the PVSEC, it was determined that he is completely blind in that eye. From that day forth, he will always be our little #piratepuppy!

Rookie turned 1 on March 1st (put it on your calendars). We threw him a small party at home, complete with a cookie from Petco, party hats, and a new Nylabone. Those are his favorite toys.

If you want to see more of Rookie, you can visit his very own Instagram page!


Photography: Lauren Renee Photography

portrait of swiss mountain dog mix wearing red cone party hat
swissy leaning on couch
Swissy sitting near couch wearing red party hat
Swiss mountain dog laying on the floor wearing red hat
dog birthday cake with a number 1 candle
Bernese mountain dog wearing red cone birthday hat
Greater Swiss Mountain dog eating birthday cake with red cone hat
swiss mountain dog posing for birthday portraits
swissy eating dog birthday cake
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog wearing red party hat Rookie the Swiss Mix

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