Pittsburgh’s South Side and Mellon Park Engagement Session

Ellen & Sam

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh's South Side and Mellon Park Engagement Session

What an amazing engagement session at two iconic locations, Pittsburgh's South Side and Mellon Park! Even though it was a gloomy and extremely cold day in Pittsburgh, these two kept each other warm with their love and braved the weather! We started out in the Southside by Ellen and Sam’s apartment, before heading to Mellon Park to finish the session. Thank you so much to Ellen and Sam for letting me capture your love, I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding this year! Sam proposed to Ellen in the sweetest way, read below for the full story!

From Ellen –

“My family owns a newspaper in western Pennsylvania, every year we have a “Family Council” weekend in a different city to discuss the future of the business and spend the weekend together as a family. Significant others are not permitted to attend the weekend events unless the couple is engaged or married. This year, the “Family Council” weekend was located in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. After a long day of meetings, there was a scheduled private dinner cruise on the Gateway Clipper.

Once on the boat, I was drinking wine and socializing with all of my cousins when my mother announced that she wanted to make a toast. My sister was the only other person on the boat who knew what was about to happen. My mother began her speech, “I am so happy that we get to do this every year. It is not often that a family gets along so well and actually looks forward to spending the weekend together….” My sister then pulled me to the front because she said she “couldn’t hear” our mother” Sam was texting me the entire speech saying things like, “I miss you, I cant wait until the weekend is over, etc.”

Happily Ever After

My mother continued her speech. “…a young man came to me a couple weeks ago and asked if he could be a part of our family and asked me a very important question. He is here tonight to ask someone special that same question.” Right as she said that, I immediately went into shock as Sam popped out of the captains room and walked down the stairs and got down on one knee in front of my entire family. I cried and said “yes!" of course. The crew came out with a bottle of champagne because my mother had told them beforehand about the engagement. There was a round of applause and everybody spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company. Needless to say, Sam will be invited to “Family Council” next year.”


Photography: Lauren Renee Photography

Hair and Makeup: Loren Johnson at Gorgeous by Sorelle

Her Dress: Anthropologie

His Clothes: J.Crew

Couple dancing on the sidewalk and embracing
Couple dancing together in the streets of Pittsburgh
Couple walking on the streets of Pittsburgh's South Side
Couple embracing to kiss during portraits
Couple standing on a Pittsburgh bridge holding hands and wearing fall clothes
Woman looking back over her shoulder posing with fiance in fall clothes
Couple posing for an intimate photo of a Pittsburgh bridge
Woman holding man's arm showing off her engagement ring
Photo of a man standing on a Pittsburgh bridge
Portrait of a woman in fall clothes on a Pittsburgh bridge
Couple standing on a Pittsburgh bridge dressed in fall clothes
Couple standing close together on a football field
woman standing behind man laughing and embracing each other
woman standing behind man embracing him
couple posing near evergreen bushes
Couple snuggling near evergreen bushes
couple kissing during engagement photos
couple holding hands while walking through a field in Pittsburgh's South Side and Mellon Park
Man and woman cuddling under a plaid blanket
Man playfully picking up woman in a field of grass
woman's hands on the back of a man's neck with engagement ring
Couple cuddling near tree braches in Pittsburgh's South Side and Mellon Park


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