Barely there Bridal Boudoir


Pittsburgh, PA

Bridal boudoir photography is not only a great gift for your future spouse, but it is also an amazing gift to yourself!! Using my photography, I try to capture and celebrate the art of being a woman. Truly feeling beautiful in your own skin throughout all the seasons of life. Sheena came to me as a bride-to-be, wanting to surprise her hubby on their wedding day with a beautiful keepsake album of boudoir images. Sheena looked absolutely stunning and totally rocked her session. We worked with the perfect poses to accentuate her curves and beautiful figure, showing off all her assets including her stunning eyes, and gorgeous hair!

You don't only need to be a bride to step into my studio. I have worked with single ladies, expecting mothers, and moms of three!  Contact me today to schedule your boudoir session! Let me show you the goddess that you really are.


Hair & Makeup: Beauty Justified by Justine

Engagement ring diamond halo
Bride laying on gray couch half naked
bride in studio on gray lounge and bride in black body suit
Bride laying on gray couch with feet against the wall in pose with black body suit
Artistic image of bride laying on couch using natural light
Detail photograph of bride in her black body suit laying on lounge chair
In studio nude photography of a woman
Close up black and white detail photograph of engagement ring
Fine art black and white boudoir image
woman looking over her shoulder wearing black body suit
Photograph of bride posing to show her hair style during boudoir session
Black and white image of bride wearing a black robe near a window
Black and white image of boudoir photo using window light
Side view of bride during boudoir session using window light in black and white
Woman in studio using sheer fabric to cover her naked body
Boudoir photos of brides for their future husbands
Woman in studio covered in white sheer fabric and laughing
Bridal Boudoir Photography image of hair during session
Woman using a sheer white fabric draped over model as she looks into the camera

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