Marilyn Monroe Inspired Boudoir Session


Pittsburgh, PA

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Boudoir

Wow…just WOW! That is all I can say when I look back on this incredible Marilyn Monroe Inspired Boudoir session. When Rachel first inquired with me about my Beauty and Boudoir packages, I was so thrilled to hear that her inspiration was Marilyn Monroe’s “Last Sitting,” a very sophisticated and timeless shoot. Rachel was so nervous when she first walked into the studio, but of course who wouldn’t be when you have to bare it all for the camera?! Boudoir sessions are like hanging out with your girlfriend. We talked, we played music, and Rachel even had some champagne on hand to loosen her nerves! By the end of the session, Rachel was rocking every pose and every frame was perfect! Rachel, you inspire me!

I love it when women come to me wanting photos for that special someone in their life. However, it is even better when they realize that these sessions are really for themselves. Intimate portraiture celebrates every perfection and every flaw, but creating these timeless memories to look back and and see how amazingly beautiful you truly are…really makes this job everything and more!


Photography: Lauren Renee Photography

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Conard Beauty

Lingerie: Bare Necessities by Dita Von Teese

black and white image of woman in lingerie
close up of woman's breasts in black lingerie
woman wearing black lingerie and stockings while lying on a bed
Woman sitting in a chair wearing stocking and black high heels
Portrait of a woman during her boudoir photos
Close up portrait of a woman wrapped in a sheet
Nude photo of woman standing by a window with sheer fabric
Woman under a veil naked
Photo of a woman under a veil naked
tasteful nude photo of woman on a bed wrapped in fabric
Woman lying on her back naked
Woman posing in black and white photo nude
Woman posing naked with a sheet covering her looking over her shoulder
Woman laying on a bed naked covered by a sheet

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