Acrobatic Engagement In-Studio Photography Session

Jillian & Mark

Pittsburgh, PA

Acrobatic Engagement Photography Session

This acrobatic engagement photography session was so unique and something that I had never done before! So of course when Mark and Jillian contacted me about taking photos for Mark's company Freeman Technique, I said yes! This stylized photo shoot ended up turning into an impromptu engagement session for these two love birds! Mark worked as a performer for Cirque du Soleil, before he settled down in Pittsburgh with Jillian. An amazing gymnast and contortionist in her own right.  These two now work together as a fantastic team, and I am so excited to be photographing their wedding in April!!

If you have a fun idea you would like to explore for engagement photos, a portrait session, or even branding for your new business, I would love to hear about it and work with you on making your idea a reality!

Man holding himself up in pike position
Woman doing a backbend
Man and woman holding bridge pose without feet touching the ground
Man holding woman up with his feet a she is curled into a ball in black and white photo
Man holding a handstand on a chair
Woman holding her leg in a back bend arabesque
Man laying on the ground under a woman who is doing a backbend over him with straight legs
Close up of woman doing a backbend over a man laying down while kissing each other
Overhead photo of man and woman laying on the ground together in black and white
Couple sitting on the floor embracing each other
Close up of couple cuddling on the floor
Photo of couple touching foreheads and embracing
Portrait of a beautiful woman in studio
Portrait of a handsome man in studio
Couple cuddling and embracing near a window

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